‘How to’ switch from one BlackBerry to another

According to Slice I should be receiving a package sometime today, the new KEYone from TCL! So in preparation for the latest BlackBerry I thought I would share a few helpful hints.

Whether your switch is from bbos to bbos, bbos to OS10, OS10 to OS10, OS10 to BlackDroid or any other possible combination, I would recommend opening your list of current apps and listing them onto a sheet of paper. Next, put away your BlackBerry and look over the list, review each app one at a time and ask yourself if it’s really necessary. Is this a daily use, occasional use, or was it just a one and done app.

For those apps that fall into the latter category do yourself a favor and delete them. In addition, if there is anything you can transfer to your external memory (SD or microSD) go ahead and transfer it over. If you have an app that sorts through contacts looking for and eliminating duplicates, run that. What you’re trying to accomplish here is freeing up as much internal memory as possible.

If you want to be extra efficient you could write down the names of the folders you have and which apps are contained within.

One last point before you fire-up the ‘BlackBerry Transfer‘ app – if your new ‘Precious’ is pre-owned run a security wipe just to ensure you’re getting a fresh start. If it’s a new Berry simply open the beverage of your choice, run BlackBerry Transfer and before you know it all the planets and stars will align, your lotto numbers will hit, your hair will always look great, and Charlie’s Angels will start a pillow fight in your room (ok, maybe that last one is a bit of a stretch)……





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  • AnDrewiD

    No need to sugarcoat it. This is ‘How to’ switch from BlackBerry 10 (and possibly older OS) to “BlackBerry” Android. It’s not like there is much of a choice at the moment if you are switching to a new phone.

    I’m a pessimistic optimist or an optimistic pessimist, I’m not sure. :)

    • Robert Friedman

      Given that there is no OS10 handset on the horizon and the newest BlackDroid (KEYone) was just launched it only makes sense. Should TLC, or BlackBerry, or some other manufacturer release a new OS10 handset I can guarantee that UTB will cover it.

  • Fahed Al Derbi

    Thanks Robert and I am sure you will love ๐Ÿ”‘ one because it’s really best combination between BlackBerry and android

    • Robert Friedman

      Would love to hear your initial impression of the KEYone. Physical keyboard, screen real estate, any Pros or Cons.

      • Fahed Al Derbi

        ๐Ÿ”‘one is so beautiful in hand and built with high quality standard even there is no blackberry logo in the front of the device but blackberry identity is so obvious and I loved the mix colours between the black and silver

        The keyboard is another story because they brought best thing of Classic and Password from classic they took the lay out and the feeling and from Passport they took the capacitive and don’t forget the space bar finger print is so sensitive and so fast and it doesn’t need any hard press just soft touch

        By the way this was my first BlackBerry Android and I think blackberry done a great job to reach this level of excellency in Android world. I thought BlackBerry Android Hub + will be so poor and incomparable with BB10 but fortunately I was wrong