Switch BBM Devices Read First for a Smooth Transition

Switch BBM Devices Read First

For users intending to switch BBM devices, it is crucial to be aware of the ongoing challenges associated with the process. Referred to as “Switch BBM Devices Read First,” this article addresses the current issues faced by BlackBerry users attempting to transition from cross-platform BBM to BB10 BBM. The recent updates have introduced changes that restrict the transfer of accounts from Android, iOS, or Microsoft devices to BlackBerry 10 or BlackBerry OS devices. While BBIDs can be switched between BB10 and cross-platform devices, reverse transfer is no longer supported. This has prompted the recommendation to create new BBIDs for cross-platform devices and retain BB10 BBIDs exclusively on BB10 devices. This article delves into the encountered errors and seeks insights from BlackBerry and BBM officials, shedding light on the nature of these challenges and the potential solutions that may be forthcoming.


We have received confirmation that this is a result of current updates and is how BBID transfers will work going forward. It’s important to note that BBID’s can switch between BB10 devices, and BBID’s can switch between cross-platform devices. BB10 ID’s can move to cross platform devices, however they cannot be moved back to BB10 devices. A best practice would be to create new BBID’s for cross platform devices and leave your BB10 BBID’s on BB10 devices

Further confirmation received from BlackBerry “Yes, we have recently completed changes that prevent users from switching their accounts from an Android, iOS, or Microsoft device to a BlackBerry 10 or BlackBerry OS device.  Also, in addition, BBM Enterprise users will no longer be able to switch their BBM Enterprise account to a BBM consumer account on an Android, iOS, or Microsoft device.” – BBM Product Management at BlackBerry**

 There is currently an issue that is affecting users attempting to switch from Android BBM to BB10 BBM.

Switch BBM Devices Read First: Issues and Recommendations

Switch BBM Devices Read First

Are you a device switcher? If you are, you might have already experienced an issue that isn’t allowing a switch to BB10 from cross-platform BBM. The issue has so far affected all of our testers in one of two ways.

The first, and by far most common error is showing as a temporary server error, and asks the user to try again. Try as we might, there’s no switching occurring.

The second error, which has so far only occurred on my BlackBerry Leap, is that my BBM seems to be caught in time, from the last time I used that phone. It appears to be operating as it should, although it’s not. My BBM Channels are all stuck on the last day I used the device, all my groups show that their messages have expired, and although it seems that I am sending messages to the group, they’re not appearing.

No matter how the error is acting, the same issue is occurring. We’re no able to switch our BBM back to our BB10 devices. Oddly enough, an BBID can be moved from BB10 to Android, it just can’t be returned back. There seems to be no issue moving between devices on the same platform.

If you are utilizing BBM on BB10, I would suggest not moving your BBID to cross platform BBM at this time. If you do this switch, you will find you’re unable to utilize your BBM on that device short of wiping your device and creating a new BBID. This of course will leave you unable to regain access to your purchased apps as BBW app purchases are tied to your BBID. A temporary solution would be to create a new BBID on your Android device as app purchases are not tied to your BBID.

What a sticky wicket.

We are reaching out to BBM and BlackBerry for comment. As know Creative Media Works are constantly moving cross platform forward. BB10 BBM development seems to have slowed to a halt. We are hoping this is an error that will be quickly fixed for those of us that like to switch devices, and not part of a bigger issue of incompatibility between the two. We will update as we obtain more information.


The inability to switch BBM accounts from Android or iOS devices to BB10 devices has posed challenges for BlackBerry users seeking to switch between devices. The reported errors, including server-related issues and the occurrence of time-related glitches, have further complicated the switching process. While BBIDs can be moved from BB10 to cross-platform devices, they cannot be returned back to BB10 devices. Consequently, users are advised against switching BBIDs to cross-platform BBM if they intend to retain BBM functionality on BB10 devices without resorting to wiping their devices and creating new BBIDs. The development of BBM for BB10 devices appears to have slowed down, while cross-platform advancements continue. It is hoped that these issues stem from a temporary error rather than a broader incompatibility between the two platforms. Further updates will be sought from BlackBerry and BBM representatives to clarify the situation and provide timely resolutions for users who frequently switch devices.

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