Swirl (Swarm) Gets Updated!


An app that I have been using more and more over Foursquare is Swirl.

Swirl is a third party app for Swarm, Foursquare’s other app.

So I was happy to see that Swirl, by developer Dirk Songuer, received an update today.

Swirl is going from version to and with it brings:

* Detail view for checkin photos.
* Photo gallery for user photos.
* Photo gallery for venue photos.
* Comment page with comment list and input.
* Updated and improved checkin detail page.
* Fixed social share options are only shown if user is connected.

Swirl will cost you .99 but I think its worth the price of admission.

To give Swirl a try, and start checking into your favorite places, just click on the link that we provided.