Swiping just doesn’t pay off!


Swiping User Interface (UI) gestures just doesn’t pay off – unless you’re BlackBerry, of course!!

For those of you with a short memory, BlackBerry introduced the ‘swipe’ feature to modern smartphones way back on 31 Jan 2013 (UK launch). At the time this feature was released on the Z10 it was panned by most critics as too difficult to use and too cumbersome. The critics felt that repeatedly stabbing at a ‘Home’ button was considered de rigueur.

Fast forward less than 5-years and guess what? Android, the largest platform (~85% of global sales) and iOS (~14% of global sales) have both embraced the Swipe! (Are they Swiping the Swipe or merely improving it???)

For those of you who had the pleasure of using BB10 it was and still is the most intuitive, elegant OS platform ever released for smartphones. Period. Unfortunately it was never widely embraced by the masses (the reasons are too numerous to mention in this blog).

But guess what?? The re-launch of the Swipe has not gone as planned. Evidently Google’s Nexus and Pixel branded devices are having issues after the update to android 8.1 (Oreo) was rolled out. There are reports of various swiping problems – hopefully they will be addressed soon.

Apple has also jumped on-board the Swiping bandwagon with the iPhone X. Some of the iPhone Old-Guard may claim they had it way back in 2015, but I personally don’t consider swiping left or right to scroll through selfies as true swiping.

So have a gander at the latest promo for iPhone swiping and tell me they didn’t ‘borrow’ this idea from some Canadian based smartphone/software manufacturer?


Lo and behold the ‘Genius’ programmers at Apple have had some issues with swiping too. It seems there are a few issues that needs to be worked out – but worry not, you can rest assured that Apple will never roll out an update before thoroughly testing it!



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