Swipe typing on the Priv with Android 6

We are few days after the Android 6 OS roll out for BlackBerry Priv users. Lots of new features come to Priv owners, But one catch my eyes most.

Swipe typing on the virtual keyboard is already there in the wild. But Swipe typing on the Psychical keyboard is something new.

How to enable this feature :

  • Click on Settings
  • Choose Language & input
  • Tap on BlackBerry Keyboard settings
  • Click on Type by swiping
  • Turn ON which keyboard you want to type on with swipe

Remember, When you choose to type by swiping you disable the possibility to erase by swipe feature. Other then that I like this feature as it makes the Blackberry keyboard more powerful and versatile then the others.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments

Roy Shpitalnik

lived the life of a BlackBerry since 2009 so I was first exposed to 8900. With Israeli cellular world history, training and knowledge for more on BlackBerry, I decided to join the community. When the Media bash BlackBerry on regular basis i decided to Join BerryIL.COM. The true must be published. Contact me on Twitter : @SimpleBerryRoy

  • Anthony

    This is when it’s cool to have a slider. You can swipe with the on-screen keyboard and flip with the physical keyboard. locco_smiley_10