Svpeng Washes Ashore In The US

virus-Android1Android App Svpeng has been updated.

Ok, so it’s not really an app, it’s malware, but it is on Android, and is there really any difference?

As young malware, Svpeng rolled around Russia, stealing people’s banking and credit card information. He was a polite piece of malware, simply stealing people’s money, as users continued to enjoy their android phones.

But as Svpeng grew older, something changed in him, and he was no longer the polite little pick pocket he used to be. Now he joined the likes of big time criminals, wanting a ransom.

Yes, Svpeng went deeper and darker in to the malware underworld, becoming full fledged ransomware. And this time he’s gone international. No longer content in his homeland of Russia, he has moved on to the UK, India, Switzerland, Germany, and primarily the US.

Svpeng appears to be helpful, running a scan of your phone, and then pops up a message stating to be from the FBI that it has found pornography on your phone (those dirty dirty android users!) and completely locks the phone down, demanding payment in the form of a $200 MoneyPak. It is also important to remember that while the phone is locked, Svpeng is collecting all your banking information, you see Svpeng plans ahead, and should the user decide not to send the ransom, Svpeng can always come back at a later date and collect what he believes is due him,

So what is an android user to do? It’s actually a quite simple fix. Simply boot the phone in to safe mode and delete all data on the phone. Of course, this means that the user is now starting from scratch, having lost everything they had on their phone, but having done so, I bet the phone runs less laggy, well, at least for a week or so.

Oh android users, when will you learn. And yet some idiot will surely say that all this is worth it, simply to have Google Services on their phone, even though android apps can be run perfectly fine, and safely on a BlackBerry 10 device.

Hope Voxer was worth it Chris.



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