Survey: What’s Your Next BlackBerry?

Sites like Motley Fool and Phone Arena seem to be hoping for the end of BlackBerry. The only question we have, is which BlackBerry will be your next?

It’s getting close to earning’s call time. How can we tell? Because we’re starting to hear that BlackBerry is dead again. Well, at least the device business. Just this week, we saw a post on the aptly named Motley Fool questioning if BlackBerry would announce their exit of the device business this month. Then today we saw Phone Arena source this post, and state it as a fact.

Oh well, we’re used to that by now.

These sites seem to want to see the end of BlackBerry phones. Meanwhile, there are several BlackBerry phones available to us now, with more on the way. Think about that for a moment. There are two phones that are making news headlines right now. The iPhone, which is basically a large, small, and various colors of the same phone. Likewise, Samsung has large, small, curved, and explosive versions of the same slab. BlackBerry, the software company that also brings user’s phones, have a much more complete offering.

We have the always amazing BlackBerry Passport. The large square screen allowing us to work wide, with the groundbreaking capacitive keyboard. Available in both the original version, and the oh so sexy Silver Edition!

We have the BlackBerry Leap, an affordable full touch device bringing the amazing BB10 experience in a fleet device.

We can still pick up the Classic, which brings everything we loved about the BlackBerry’s of old to modern times. The quintessential Bold style keyboard, and the beloved tool belt, rocking the BB10 OS.

We have the Priv by BlackBerry that brought the best of BlackBerry to Android. A slider form factor which offers a full touch experience, and combines it with the classic BlackBerry physical keyboard, but with the capacitive tech of the Passport.

We have the DTEK50! An answer to those that didn’t want to pay the price of the Priv, but still wanted the experience and security which only BlackBerry can bring.

What do we have to look forward to? How about the (probably named) DTEK60 which ups the ante of the DTEK50. Improved specs, a little larger, and even providing an answer for all those that keep asking for a fingerprint sensor. And after the DTEK60? How about bringing the BlackBerry physical keyboarded candy bar form factor to Android? I can’t wait.

BlackBerry offers something that other manufacturers do not. Choice. And not simply a choice of larger, smaller, or different colors. We have a real choice. What form factor would you like? What OS would you like? What do you choose?

And there’s the question. What’s your next Blackberry?

Make your choice in the survey below, and let us know the reasons why in the comments.




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  • blackberry mercury

  • That I am not sure. The only thing I am sure is my next phone will still be a BlackBerry!

    • Martin

      Well said!

  • anything with bb10 is Game On. Android Nope

    • Nayalm


  • Going to be BlackBerry Mercury or what ever name he gets… DTEK70

  • CabbagePatch_D

    I can’t vote since there is no option for the next BB10 device. locco_smiley_27


      I noticed that too. Kind of glaring isn’t it.

  • robthebold

    Yeah, I’m using a Passport as my daily driver, miss my Z10 and just started looking for a good Z30 on Kijiji. I can’t understand why I have to look backwards for my next BlackBerry.


    PassPort X 2. Finally got my wife to recognize her I-phone for what it is (a toy app launcher) and she wants a PassPort, after using mine all summer. And one new PassPort just for the hell of it!!

    • CabbagePatch_D

      Lucky you. I’m still trying to get my wife to recognize the same about here iToy but no luck so far. I’m still trying though. :)

  • bartron

    The Passport SE is just about perfect for my current, and foreseeable needs. There are a few improvements I’d like to see, but most of them are in software. And the hardware improvements I’d like to see are the usual ones: make it a little lighter, give it a faster processor, better audio DAC, and better camera. But none of those hardware improvements are a big deal for me; they’re just nice to have. :-)

    A one-handed version of the Passport SE would be very interesting. I’d probably be interested in that.

    I still love the form factor of the Z10. It’s a great one-handed phone for light and medium smartphone usage. So if they came out with a BB10 phone similar to the Z10, I’d be interested in getting that.

    Right now, BB10 meets all of my needs, so I don’t see myself switching to Android.

    • bartron

      To answer the question more specifically, my next BlackBerry would be the Leap or its BB10 successor. I would use it in addition to my Passport SE. Having both of them gives me the best of both worlds, and covers all my use cases.

  • Alpha Omega

    would like a BB10 version of the Priv, the return of the Torch (sort of).

  • leverspro

    What are the options!? Nothing Android for me. My Passport is perfect but if there is no real BlackBerry upgrade path when this phone is done then perhaps the Surface phone will be out. But I’ll be sad to leave BlackBerry 10.

  • Alan

    I own both the Passport and the Priv. I find the Passport more to my liking, although the Priv is a good phone too. I would love to see a Passport slider. That would be real “Sic”! Yah. Not likely to happen. Either way I’m sticking with BlackBerry. Believing some cool Innovation/s by BlackBerry is/are possible as/and part of our future. C’MON BlackBerry! Make it happen! Find a/the WAY.

  • Martin

    I’m perfectly happy with my current BlackBerries, though I do see a Classic and possibly a DTEK60 in my future.

  • Schmurf

    My next BlackBerry will be the next PKB BB10 device, unless my Passport is still better than it. In which case I’ll just get a new Passport if this one starts to fail (ha ha, as if!)

  • Anthony

    I renewed my carrier 2-year contract with a Classic.

    My next BlackBerry will be the Passport SE.