Survey says BlackBerry is a zero??


Everywhere I look I am seeing reports that BlackBerry’s market share is at 0% in the US. Of course all the troll media is shouting the news loud enough that it’s echoing under their bridges. A quick internet search will show the likes of BGR, Motley Fool, the forums of reporting this ‘news’.

Which brings to mind the question, where is this information coming from? With all these places repeating this information, we should be able to see the source correct? Surprisingly, I’m having an issue finding it. What I have done is find that this was based on a survey done by  a company called CIRP.

CIRP surveys consumers on recent purchase activity to generate timely, accurate, and specific insights into consumer behavior.

 From CIRP’s website linked above:

“Consumer Intelligence Research Partners was founded to provide equity securities research to the investment community using advanced consumer market research strategies, methods, and analysis.  CIRP’s proprietary, primary data and key insights into consumer behavior have proven to be powerful tools for investors, investment analysts, and industry participants.

CIRP surveys consumers on recent purchase activity to generate timely, accurate, and specific insights into consumer behavior.  With the data from those surveys, CIRP is able to provide meaningful intelligence on corporate performance in competitive markets.”

So, now we know who CIRP is. We know who did the survey. What I don’t know at this point, is how the survey was conducted, and was the survey done on behalf of anyone. Earlier today I emailed CIRP asking if they have published this data, and where I can find it. Obviously if BGR has access to it, the general public should as well, correct?

But it’s after hours here and I’m on west coast time, so I know I will not receive am answer today. So I carry on my snooping. Mainly consisting of hitting the next page of my Google search, and I run across an article at stating that the survey was done with 500 participants. That may be a large enough sample when asking a small city their preference in smartphones, but if you’re going to make a broad statement about the market share of smartphones across the US market, 500 is not a statistically significant number. Honestly, High school students have to get larger sample sizes for science fair projects.

And here is what worries me, visit CIRP’s News Media page , and look at the articles that they are showing that their information has been used in. Everyone is an iPhone article. Now, that makes you stop and think for a moment. Slowly donning my tinfoil hat, I must wonder about the survey that was conducted which states BlackBerry is at zero percent market share, of which I cannot find details of the survey, done by a company that on their own webpage, only shows past surveys related to iPhone.

Well, I have reached out to the surveyors, lets hope we hear back from them. Until I do, I cannot take this survey as anything more than words on a page with no solid information to back it up.


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