Surveillance in India: Going the NSA way

India’s surveillance taking it’s cue from the NSA.

We have covered the issue of privacy and security on number of occasions. We have repeatedly asserted that aspect in our blogcasts. We have also cautioned users against the reliance on apps (especially Facebook, Allo, Google, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc., which are multifarious forms of cancer on mobile). Pursuant to this issue, unrestricted data collection is proving to be more difficult for managing privacy.

The safest idea to avoid surveillance is not to generate the metadata in the first place!

In a great write up here, the authors have gone to explain the ramifications of setting up centralised monitoring systems that will subvert the existing legislative and judicial processes involved in individual right to privacy. (emphasis mine)

Essentially, services that are given to us ‘free’ – like Facebook, Gmail, Twitter or Uber are being subsidised by our data.

This is the real danger because individual protection is not accorded. There are simpler ways. Call up your friends/ family, use BBM, (or Threema) and disable everything that collects data in the background.

Always stay safe and avoid surveillance! (Both corporate and governmental).


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