Who Will Provide Support?

A simple question simply answered.

Since we first heard of BlackBerry’s smartphone licensing deals, there’s been a question that keeps getting repeated. Who will provide support for the phones?

For many of us, the answer to that question seemed quite obvious that the phone maker would be providing support. However, the more times the question was asked, the more we started questioning that answer.

What if it is a software issue? BlackBerry provides the software, will they be supporting the software while the licensee offers supports the hardware?

Well, that question has now been answered, at least for the new Aurora.

BlackBerry has taken to their knowledge base to inform users that sales and support are provided through BB Merah Putih directly.

So there you have it, if this was a question you were considering, we can assume this to be the standard for all licensees

aurora support



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  • Jeremy

    Really? When I buy a BlackBerry, I’m not too worried about support

    • John Welch

      TCL or whoever makes the phone will replace them BlackBerry just has to give out the security software,Google the android software BlackBerry will no longer responsible for a warehouse of phones.