Super Mario Run Finally Coming to Android

The Italian plumber finally runs his way on to Android next week.

Nintendo of America has officially announced that the app Super Mario Run will arrive for Android on March 23rd.

The app will arrive with at version 2.0.0 meaning it will be current with the iOS version that arrived 3 months ago. The first few levels of the game are free to play, but to move beyond that point the app carries a $9.99 price tag.

Super Mario Run is of course a running game, set in that Mario world which so many gamers have come to love.

Personally, I’m not much of a gamer, and running games don’t hold my interest at all, but I am extremely glad that the game is finally coming to Android? Why? Because the Super Mario Game has proven to be a way for malicious cyber attackers to target unsuspecting mobile victims on Android.

Being such a popular, high-profile game, which has not been available on Android, attackers have disguised numerous malware attacks as the game. Of course, this won’t stop once the game is officially available. After the 23rd though, hopefully users shall just go look in the Google Play Store for the game instead of attempting to install fake versions of the game from malicious sources.

If you’ve been aching to run little Mario, you can look for it in the Google Play Store March 23rd. And if you run across an opportunity to download the game for free from an unknown source, DO NOT fall for it. I can only predict that once the game is available for download, that the next trick used by hackers will be free versions that is nothing more than malware.

Will you be running?


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