Stranger Things: The Game Arrives on Mobile

The free mobile game would be right at home in the Stranger Things universe.

Netflix created an instant classic with Stranger Things. The series was a mish-mash of all the elements that made for great 80’s horror movies, and made something that was arguably better than it’s inspiration.

A teenage storyline in which the teens seemed pulled straight from any slasher 80’s movie. A missing child storyline that felt a whole lot like Poltergeist. The true stars of the movie, a cast of incredible child actors that paid homage to Stand By Me. And even a bicycle chase that was straight from E.T. Even the intro of Stranger Things felt exactly like something that came directly out of the 80’s. Of course, a game should too right?

The new official Stranger Things mobile game is now here. The game is free to play, and should attract any fans of the series, and any retro gamers. The side scroller’s graphics and sound effects are just so 80’s. Heck, even the icon for the game looks like an old video game cartridge. All your favorite characters from the series are represented, and of course, there are even Eggos to collect.

As an added bonus, gamers that finished the game discovered there was an as yet unreleased clip from the upcoming season.

You can see the preview clip of the game below. And if you’re a cheater (or just really bad at video games) I’ve even included the bonus clip thanks to Gamespot.

You can grab the game from the Google Play Store here



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