Stranger Things 3: Teenage Wasteland – Trailer Breaks Thru From Netflix

Stranger Things 3: Teenage Wasteland

Stranger Things 3 trailer was dropped on us from the Upside Down, aka Netflix, today and it raises questions and teases us with a new monster.

Summer of ’85

This time the show is taking place around July 4, 1985

The gang has grown up and we see them welcome back Dustin from science camp, with his toys and robots going down the hallway. He attacks Lucas with the Farah Fawcett hairspray that Steve gave him last season (The song that’s playing during this is Home Sweet Home by Mötley Crüe)

Teenage Wasteland

We get a new song from The Who (Baba O’Reily) which sets the tone as this is the final season of Stranger Things. Are you ready to say goodbye.

Flash of the kids setting up sometime of antenna, which I’m guessing is something Dustin learned how to build in science camp as he tries to keep the gang together.

Next we see Nancy and Johnathan at The Hawkins Press. Going for a job interview or tell them the story that no one will believe.

We see Bill Hargrove the bully from Season 2, working as a life guard at the community pool. Meet the new life guard Heather (who we see later in a brief clip, is in trouble)

Harper is at a restaurant by himself and Joyce is at home, eating by herself. Which means their relationship has went on hiatus.

We’re Not Kids Anymore

The kids are growing up and in the voice over by Mike saying they wouldn’t be playing games in the basement anymore.

Max and Eleven are hanging out, listening to 80’s tunes as they’ve become friends. Eleven is wearing the bracelet that Harper’s daughter had when she was sick.

Lucas and Max leaves Dustin at his radio tower alone and will is sad as he’s looking at a picture of the gang in their Ghost Busters costumes from previous Halloween.

The Starcourt Mall

Steve and Lucas are play fighting at Steve’s new summer job, Scoops Ahoy, as his coworker wonders what’s going on.

Our gang is riding to the mall to hang out (Something kids still do even now). Eleven looks amazed at the shopping wonders of the mall.

Major Mayor Issues?

We get a shot of protesters outside city hall who don’t seem to happy with Mayor Kline. Who looks like has sponsored the “Fun Fair” in the next scene we’re shown.

Fun Fair

The fair doesn’t look so fun as we see Harper with a gash on his head and a guy doing his best impersonation of a Terminator walking thru the Hall of Mirrors.

Does he work for the government or has he come from a dystopian future?

The Upside Down

Eleven looks like she’s back in the Upside Down on a beach where we see the freaky red lightning behind her. Did she get sucked back in by some thing or someone?

It’s Just A Scratch

Or is it an infection and if so, what infected him? More on that in a bit.


Looks like the government can’t quit playing with the dimensional portal as we see a person in a hazmat suit get electrified to a crisp.

Little Sister Is In On It Too

We get a glypse of Luca’s sister, Erica climbing thru ductwork with her makeshift miner’s helmet. Guesses are is she is at the mall, but maybe she’s somewhere else.

Starcourt Mall Is Where To Be

It’s no secret that the mall will be the center point for this season and we see the gang on the floor in their neon best staring at something.

Quick You’ll Miss It

The mayor kicks off the next scenes as he says “Happy 4th of July” then we see rats running away, Gary Busey’s son (no joke that’s him) looking really bad.

Eleven blindfolded in front of the frozen section of Eggos, Harper shooting a shotgun, and Johnathan seeing a mysterious blob down a hallway.

There’s a ton more little shots but the last shot is Eleven using her powers to cut the power and we see the new monster.

Possible Theory On The Monster

Billy had some weird infection on his arm and after we see Johnathan we get a shot of someone’s eye and it’s infected the same way.

One site speculated that the monster could be something like from John Carpenter’s “The Thing”. Given how many appendages this beast has, it could be very well just that.

Or is the infection another way the creature controls people in this dimension. Guess we will have to wait until July 4th to find out.