The Story that Never Ends – Equifax Says that 2.4 Million More Were Affected in Breach

You all remember Equifax hack. It was the biggest breach ever in the United States and almost half of the country’s citizens were directly affected by the lack of Equifax’s security standards. The breach occurred last year and you can read our report here.

The company’s CSO, had a prior work history as a school teacher. She has now been replaced by the person who had to clean up after the Home Depot breach from 2014. With the new CSO and an interim CEO taking over for the prior ousted CEO, the company has discovered that there are than 2.4 million more citizens affected by the breach.

You may ask yourself, after all the scrutiny over the Equifax hack, how are we just learning of these new victims?

“This is not about newly discovered stolen data,”  said Equifax interim CEO Paulino do Rego Barros, Jr.

Instead, these victims weren’t disclosed in the original findings because of the information that was stolen. These 2.4 million had their names and partial driver’s license information stolen, but not their Social Security numbers, unlike the 143 million that were previously reported. These victims will now be notified. That means that 2.4 million people who assumed they were safe from the breach, will soon be finding out that is not the case.

Who knows what else will be discovered as the company continues to investigate the damage from this breach.



Roy Shpitalnik

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