As BlackBerry fans, we love to hear and see new information about our favored brand. Leaks are great, but not when it harms the very company which the people who propagate and distribute the leak claim to support.

BlackBerry has a Beta Program to get real world testing on upcoming OS versions, where the company invites a number of ‘trusted’ users to test a Beta OS. The participants in the Beta Program are held to a certain level of secrecy, for the good of the program and the continued success of BlackBerry. The idea is that these people, in full knowledge, download the software, test it out and give feedback so the company can deliver the OS without any flaws.

These are Beta versions, not meant for the public. But there’s a group of users that tend to leak these OS’s (latest: 10.3.2) and certain blogs continue to support this illegal action, knowing that it hurts the company.

We truly understand the thirst for a new OS, but leaking BETA OS is a crime. It is stealing software.

Do the right thing; follow Chen’s statement from last March 2014:

“One of the most frustrating things for all of us at BlackBerry is when a critical and confidential project is reported in the media before we are ready to discuss it. Leaks are, at their best, distracting, and at their worst downright misleading to our stakeholders. The business implications of a leak are seldom advantageous.”

Stop the bleeding! No more Beta leaks, don’t support this action!

The below collection of BlackBerry fan sites and BBM Channels are taking a collective stance on these leaks. We will not support the leaks and those that provide them. We will not promote the leaks and those that distribute them. We do choose, as fans, to support and promote BlackBerry, and we invite you, the BlackBerry fan, to join us.


True BlackBerry Blogs & Channels don’t support BETA LEAKS!











Jon Hunnings

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  • DickLewis13

    Great article. I love leaks and newer OS releases that may come from any carrier. Even post Blitz zip files, but I will never touch a Beta release. It’s against everything the Beta program stands for.

  • Madhu

    The views expressed are 100% endorsed though plugging the leaks could be a challenge we all have to put our heads together and resolve.

  • newcollector

    I am curious about the Chen quote. Is Chen talking about OS leaks, Beta OS leaks, or about leaks in design and specs related to a device BlackBerry is working on, or a feature they are testing to see if it is something they want to incorporate?

  • jrohland

    If you take a moment or two and read my brilliant locco_smiley_34 opinion piece here: I tried to explain how I categorize leaks. Those views are strickly my own. And my view is those who leak a private should have a thousand camels pee in their soup. locco_smiley_6

    • jrohland

      private beta that is

  • shorski

    @newcollector like you i was also curious if i had misunderstood Mr John Chen when he talked about leaks. I had to re-read the article of Chen and it is still very clear that he wasn’t talking about OS leaks. This was in March 2014 before we even saw 10.3 which started in May 2014.
    According to the article(, he was angry that someone posed as an employee to get information about an upcoming product(windermere, which we now know as Passport) and made it public. Information that was not released yet. This has nothing to do with OS. Hence, I would raise a motion for the title of this blog article to be renamed to include Beta OS. If you say leaks generally, then everyone is guilty with exception to those who have only updated their devices OTA with updates sent to them by carrier.
    P.S – I do not support Beta OS being made public.

    • Brad

      Shorski, I understand your viewpoint. However this is a mulit-blog and channel undertaking. So we really can’t be changing what has been signed off on by other content creators.

      However, my point of view, carrier OS’s are not leaks of BlackBerry software. BlackBerry has made those OS’s available. If carriers choose to not provide them to us, it’s a different issue. Beta OS’s have not been made available by BlackBerry except to those that they have assigned to test. Those are ‘leaks’.

  • tlgem

    IMO – Leaks have been around for a lot of years and have not damaged Blackberry in any way. In fact I believe they have garnered a lot of additional info from the added testers posting their findings. They do follow the forums.
    As was previously posted your supporting quote wasn’t even about leaks.
    If your theory is correct then the jailbreak & root community need to be shut down for damaging their corresponding business’s even OH WAIT their the biggest os’s around. Another question – If this is so bad why has Microsoft opened their preview program to anyone interested?
    I believe if anything Blackberry needs to open their beta program up to more people (Been trying to get in for a long time now) eliminating the need for leaks.
    Just my 2 cents

    • Brad

      I respectfully disagree. But understand your sentiment. The BlackBerry community has been immersed in leaks for years. Since the beginning really. And BlackBerry never seemed to care. Now is a different time. Made painfully clear by BlackBerry and the Beta program.

      They are in fact ‘opening up’ the Beta program, and have increased the size of the group.

      However, let’s not justify what this is in reality. There is no ‘need’ for Beta leaks. I understand when our carriers are witholding OS’s from us and we grab another carriers OS. This is not what we’re talking about. Beta’s are not for general public and are protected by NDA. These leaks are theft. Pure and simple.

  • Canuckvoip

    Everybody in the Beta testing group had to agree to a NDA. Do you agree that a NDA should be honoured, or not? That is the question.
    I believe that a NDA, or contract needs to be honoured, period. Simple as that. Somebody that agreed to the NDA has breached the NDA. That is not acceptable. That is a leak, and that person needs to be kicked out of the program.