Stop Hugging Walls and Buy a BlackBerry Z30!


I was just sent a great video by Sweet Toother that all Wall Huggers need to see! My guess is Sweet Toother, like the rest of us got tired of seeing poor iPhone users always plugged in to the wall. It’s actually very sad. To spend so much money on a mobile phone and then be stuck to a wall all the time. I like to think of them like Tarzan or Spiderman, just swinging from one plug in to the next.

But Sweet Toother has the perfect fix for these wall locked iPhone lovers. Buy a Z30!

You see! They can then keep their iPhone fully charged! And that’s not all! Once they’re through playing their Candy Crush and taking photos of their coffee, and showing that they have the proper ID to be part of the crowd, they can sneak in and use that Z30 to actually be productive, or even *gasp* make a clear phone call! Or have a text go through! Or…. you get what I’m saying.

Thanks Sweet Toother, this is a great idea, great video. And it shows once again, something else BlackBerry can do that the phone of the forbidden fruit cannot.


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