When one think of Switzerland, one usually contemplate the natural beauty of the Alps, Swiss Toblerone chocolate, Saint Bernard’s and probably the best bankers in the world. That’s why it appears BlackBerry is making a very nice impression on the market segments in this regard. Swiss National Bank recently amplified its holdings in BlackBerry by 1.2%. It now owns 1,793,150 shares of the company’s stock valued at $18,080,000 after buying an additional 21,600 shares. Also in the buying mix are Aperio Group LLC which elevated its stake in BlackBerry Ltd by 10.3% , this institutional investor now owns 222,788 shares of BlackBerry stock after buying an additional 20,814 shares which are worth $1,662,000. Other investors also recently improved their assets in BlackBerry; Capital Investment Counsel Inc improved its shares of by 4.3%. It now own 250,075 valued at $2,523,000 after the acquisition of additional 10,200 shares. TD Asset Management Inc. grew with 7.1% investment stake. It now owns 4,847,747 shares valued at $48,879,000 after buying an extra 321,076 shares. CIBC Asset Management Inc improved its position in BlackBerry by 6.3%. The company now own 409,448 shares valued at $4,127,000 after purchasing 24,215 additional shares.


One can see the value that BlackBerry brings to its investment portfolio if you sift through the clutter of everyday reporting. According to Paul Steep from Scotia Capital, BlackBerry is a buy as he feels the company has been overly scolded in recent times. The time for a BlackBerry rebound is threatening; there is too much value in this tech company to be penalized over and over again. The fluctuation on the BlackBerry stock has been around for some time, but the days of dragging BlackBerry through the mud should end soon, according to Steep who sees a 36% upside over the next 12 months.

BlackBerry’s revenue went up 23.0% compared to the same quarter last year.

Earlier in the year, BlackBerry CEO John Chen said during the Cylance acquisition, it marked the completion of his company’s turnaround, going “from a portfolio of strong assets to an enterprise security company.”

According to Avondale Advocate, a company that covers finance and stocks, Blackberry Ltd shares are showing positive momentum over the period by stating the following:

“…Sometimes resisting the urge to make changes based on temporary downturns may prove to help the longer-term health of the stock portfolio. Investors may find themselves in the same predicament when markets are heading higher and every stock seems to be a winner. The impulse might be to double down and buy even more shares of a name that has been performing well recently”


Intact Investment Management Inc. raised its stock in BlackBerry by 21.4% , the fund owned 457,200 shares after buying an additional 80,500 shares during the period. Intact Investment Management Inc. stock is now worth $4,458,000. Bank of New York Mellon Corp increased its stock in BlackBerry by 1.1% it now owns 606,374 shares in stock worth $4,312,000 after buying an additional 6,605 shares. Dimensional Fund Advisors LP elevated its stock position in BlackBerry by 12.3%. It now owns 310,870 shares worth $2,210,000 after purchasing an additional 34,072 shares. Geode Capital Management LLC increased its stock portfolio in BlackBerry by 44.3%. It now owns 627,226 shares worth $4,435,000 after obtaining an additional 192,538 shares. Bank of America Corp DE amplified its stake in BlackBerry by 153.2%. It now owns 898,500 shares of the company’s stock worth $6,388,000 after obtaining an added 543,603 shares. And the central bank of Norway; Norges Bank procured a brand new stake in BlackBerry worth a staggering $37,331,000.


Companies don’t spend that volume of investment on a whim. It’s a long-term venture diligently thought through for maximum return. One really needs to sift through the clutter of media releases to find some true gems in the stock exchange. It’s no secret that the markets are watching BlackBerry stock with an eagle eye, continuously on the day and reporting thereon is sometimes brusque to say the least, so any current changes that analyst estimates have for BlackBerry should also be taken thoughtfully by investors. Recent revisions incline to reflect the up-to-date business tendencies. The Cylance acquisition for instance is a golden key for BlackBerry, particularly if one considers the Unified Endpoint Management integration. With this in mind, one can consider positive estimate adjustments in the market as a sign of optimism about our favorite Cyber Security & Software Company’s business position. Analysts on a consensus basis are expecting that BlackBerry stock will reach $10.5 within this year. 

“…Finding the best organisations to invest your money is one of the most important financial decisions you will ever make”

Bill H Gross

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