Spotify’s Behind the Lyrics Comes to Android

Spotify finally brings Behind the Lyrics to Android

Do you use Spotify for your streaming music? If you do, there’s a new feature currently rolling out on it’s android app. Behind the Lyrics provides more information about the songs you’re listening to. Well, some of those songs.

Behind the Lyrics provides users stories about the songs their listening to, “from the inspiration behind each lyric to what that artist was feeling at the time”, on two curated playlists. The playlists are Hip Hop and Today’s Top Hits, ensuring that I will not be seeing any stories with my listening habits.

The service premiered last year on iOS and is just now rolling out to Android users. I am still awaiting the day when app developers look at the true market share of the platforms. As a BlackBerry users, I remember all too well the excuse we received all too often for why developers did not want to bring their apps to the BlackBerry 10 platform. The reason was market share. There simply wasn’t enough of us to make it a value proposition to them. Or so they told us. I must admit, I have a hard time believing that excuse now, when apps bypass the OS with the vast majority of smartphone market share, for iOS, who’s own share of the market is just a drop in the bucket compared to Android.

…things that make you go ‘hmmmm’



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  • AnDrewiD

    I’m no software developer but I would assume developing an app for an OS with maybe 3 current hardware variant is much easier than making developing it for an OS with 100s of different variants. Look at Windows OS on the PC. They all don’t work the same. Now, I’m not trying to validate their excuses because these same excuses are one of the reasons why I can’t purchase a new BB10 device.