Spotify upgrades the free version for users

How many Spotify users are there? If you are connected to the Music Streaming app , Spotify has news for you. The company announced that it will soon release an update to the application, which will be very large, a kind of revamp  application, with most of the changes in the service itself coming from the direction of the free users of the service.

According to Spotify, free users will be able to choose to hear songs from a list of 15 playlists on demand and will be able to forward songs without restriction. There is currently a limit of 6 songs per hour that can be forwarded.

We want all users to have more control over the listening experience so everyone can both discover new artists and return to old favorites. Fifteen new on-demand playlists offer the ability to pick and play any track within our curated lists-without skipping tracks or waiting on shuffle to bring up the music you love.

Spotify adds a new feature that is very familiar to users of social networks and it’s “like”. From now on it will be possible to mark songs that you like so that Spotify will be able to know you better.

Read the full announcement.

Roy Shpitalnik

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