Speaker Shootout! Dtek60 vs Passport vs Priv vs Z30

We’ve received a few requests for a comparison of the speakers found on a few of the recent BlackBerry handsets, so I thought I’d make a shootout video.

You’ll hear the differences between the speaker sound of the Z30, Passport, Priv, and Dtek60 with equalizers both on and off. Sit back, put on some headphones, and enjoy. Don’t forget to tell us which device you like better down in the comments!

I’ve long held that the Z30 speakers are the standard to which all other mobile devices should be compared to. The stereo ported drivers never failed to disappoint. I had never thought to put the handsets side by side until a few readers suggested it, so here it is. Oh… and I cheated… sort of…


Well, what do you think? I realize that it is somewhat subjective, and of course we are comparing handsets that were recorded in mono as well.

Which phone sounded best to you?

Speaker Shootout

Music (Punching Bag) provided by purple-planet.com


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