South Korea to Receive the BlackBerry KEYone

BlackBerry Mobile will be bringing the BlackBerry KEYone to even more markets.

Nicolas Zibell, CEO of TCL Communications spoke to local media in Seoul, South Korea about the new BlackBerry KEYone. Zibell informed the media that plans were underway to bring the beautiful new device to consumers via local carrier SK Telecom.

“There are around 100,000 BlackBerry users in Korea. We’re currently conducting a market study and positively reviewing the launch of the BlackBerry KeyOne here.” Zibell stated.

While South Koreans can be excited that they too will be able to obtain the latest BlackBerry smartphone, they may need to practice patience as it seems that the plans are still relatively new. While BlackBerry Mobile will be releasing the device in western markets beginning in April, Zibell warned that it will not simultaneous release in all global markets. In fact, as of the time of this writing, there was still no pricing information for the Korean market, which leads me to believe that this release is still in the early stages of planning.

In any event, it’s great to see that it’s not only the team at BlackBerry Mobile standing behind the brand, but also the larger entity of TCL Communications which are getting involved in this rollout. I’m anxious to see what The New BlackBerry can really do with this powerhouse phone maker behind them.

KEYone to South Korea



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  • Rico G

    Good news for S Korea. Remember BlackBerry released the PRIV in that market so probably based on success of that launch they are pushing forward on the KEYone!