South Africa bursts onto the ‘Hack Club’ scene


It seems as if hardly a day goes by without some ne’er do well grabbing headlines concerning a hack.  A hospital, financial institution, government entity, etc. Occasionally we run across something on the dark web where information is being offered for sale.

This week we were greeted with a hack involving up to 33 million folks from South Africa, or slightly more than one-half of their population!! According to Troy Hunt, a web security expert,

“the file had personal data of more than 33 million living and deceased South Africans, including names, physical addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, employers, ethnicities, genders, IDs, home ownership statuses, job titles.”

Week after week, hack after hack, when are these companies using little or no security going to be held accountable? Some companies cry they are too small or have razor-thin profit margins and simply cannot afford to secure their data. If this is true then what business do they have handling sensitive personal information in the first place?

If this doesn’t demonstrate a huge need for a secure Enterprise management system such as UEM, I don’t really know what does.



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