Soundscape App Gets Massive Update for BlackBerry 10

An application that didn’t attract the eye, but is definitely useful for many people is Soundscape.
For those of you who don’t know, this is an app that allows you to background sounds and combine them for a variety of modes such as sleep, concentration, etc. This time it is a comprehensive update with very serious UI.
Aside from the change in UI. the app also gets update in sound quality, bug fixes, and will work in the background when the application status of Active Frame.
Here is the Update Change log,

Roy Shpitalnik

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  • fishlove73

    Soundscape is one of my favorites…I use the “night” sound frequently.

  • Jope28

    Nice update. Being able to tap once or twice for Level of each sound is great.
    I do miss the presets from the previous version though.
    Don’t even know where to start lol

  • Anthony

    Their other app, “Sketchbook”, also updated to the same circle motif. locco_smiley_2