Sony Shows Why We Shouldn’t Rush Updates


While we are not yet past the time frame given to us for the arrival of Marshmallow on the Priv, many users have been complaining that it is not yet here. Many OEM’s are just now starting to roll out the Marshmallow update to their devices. But there is a difference between the OEM’s and BlackBerry.

BlackBerry is doing something that other Android OEM’s have never been able to do. In fact, I’d bet those other Android OEM’s haven’t even tried to do. BlackBerry is securing Android. We know that it has worked with their version of Lollipop, the Priv still has not been hacked nor rooted. Personally, I would prefer that BlackBerry take their time to ensure the same level of safety on the Marshmallow update.

For those that don’t think as I do, those that expect BlackBerry to just push out the update as fast as possible, Sony is providing a perfect example as to why BlackBerry shouldn’t do that. Sony has rolled out the Marshmallow update to the Sony Xperia Z5. Those that try loading the update over WiFi or through the mobile network are finding themselves victims of an issue that may force them to factory reset their phone.

After installation of the update, users are receiving an error that “unfortunately the Google Play Store has stopped”, on Android, that is not a good thing. Sony has suggested users try to repair the installation utilizing the Sony PC Companion. That is not working for all. A few are discovering that after several restarts of the phone, it will begin working again. Still other’s are finding that their only option to have a working phone again is a full factory reset of the phone.

I do hope BlackBerry makes the stated timeframe for Marshmallow, just because I like seeing the new BlackBerry make deadlines, when previous management seemed unable to do so. If it comes down to making that deadline, or having a flawless release of a stable and secure Marshmallow? I choose the latter.

Source: Softpedia


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