Sony Reveals More Details on the PS5

The next-generation console will bridge the next-generation gaming gap.

While it’s true that PlayStation has opted out of attending the E3 conference this year, it’s not for lack of developments. Sony has been hard at work getting their newest console ready for market.

Here’s what we know so far: The PS5 will have SSD storage, be capable of 8k TV support for superior definition on displays, have an 8k AMD chipset, and 3D Audio. The console will be backwards-compatible allowing it to play PS4 games as well.

The SSD is a serious upgrade from previous iterations sporting an HHD. The Solid State Drive will allow more games and faster processing. 8k TV support will provide a beautiful image quality and resolution to the games. Backwards compatibility not only allows users to play PS4 games, but it allows PS5 players to play online with them. This machine is build to be used.

Sony also recently announced a partnership with Microsoft, presumably in the hopes of beating out their smaller competition. Google and Steam have been making strides in building a library and community that splinter the market share. The Sony/Microsoft collaboration could build on the two largest competitors to overshadow the competition. It could also mean that cross-platform is a possibility from Playstation to Xbox to even a PC.

Between the advance specs and the partnership with Microsoft, Playstation is building a console to bridge the gap for the gaming market. With the infrastructure they are building, gamers may have the opportunity to partner and play with users that broaden their experience.

There is no clear word when the PS5 will release. Some speculation puts it out in 2021. Playstation has promised more information soon, keeping attention on their brand in spite of their lack of attendance on the main stage at E3.

Do you plan to get the PS5 when it releases?


Erica Davis

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