Sony Mobile Cuts Costs, Cuts Launcher

Xperia Home Android Launcher is on life support.

Sony is working to cut costs in it Mobile division. The latest product to be cut? Their own Xperia Home Launcher. This it the launcher which comes standard on their devices, and it is to be no more.

The development team which works on the launcher has stated that a business decision was made to put the launcher into maintenance mode. There will be no more development on the product, and instead, for now, will receive only bug fixes when necessary. But for how long? The answer of “as long as deemed necessary” leaves much to be desired.

What of future devices? Obviously, they won’t be arriving with the Xperia Home. It’s much more likely that Sony will release devices with the stock Android Launcher. This will no doubt be a welcome surprise to many users, as most tend to prefer stock android to a bloatware laden branded launcher.

The question for OEM’s becomes is it worth it? Using a preferred stock OS UI, what do they compete with? Realistically, all that is left to compete with other OEM’s become specs, and there is little profit to be gained from high spec phones.

Does Sony have something up it’s sleeve? Or is ending developing of it’s launcher just a sign of things to come? Only time will tell.


Source: Phone Arena


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