Sometimes I wish I had an iPhone or Android

Before I begin I would like to ask that you bear with me on this and read the entire post as it will make sense when I am finished. I am not at liberty to discuss exact details of what I do but I can openly say that it involves sales and support of encryption software and hardware to financial institutions.

For starters, I have a complicated life which involves work, being a responsable father of 2 and a dog, a husband of 16 yrs and going, watching over my sister and her 2 kids (who are also my god-children) and most of all…looking out for my mom ever since my dad passed away. Just from that description alone you can get a feel of all the s**t that I have to deal with on a day-to-day basis. I have always been the type of person to do things myself and only pay to have it done if I feel the job is too much for me. My work alone is very time-consuming and due to its nature, purpose and extreme level of security I always have to be available for my customers throughout the region. Downtime is literally not an option in my field of work so if something happens I have to be reachable by any means to fix it.

Every so often I have slow days but when it gets busy all hell breaks loose. I provide tech support to 34 (and growing) financial institutions and almost all of my customers IT staff has Blackberry. The one’s that don’t do have it installed though and I even have a couple that use WhatsApp (nobody’s perfect). Any normal person that would try to fit my shoes will probably commit suicide trying to keep up with all the BBM’s, WhatsApp messages, SMS, emails, telephone calls from my customers on my “all hell breaks loose days”. This is all going on along with the school run to pick up the kids from school to get home and make dinner while continuing everything else mentioned before.

I have used Blackberry for the past 9 years now and I even though I have tried ALL other platforms, I’m sorry to say it but #BlackBerryWorks. The other brands just can’t keep up and I could care less for bird flinging games, crushing candy, taking stupid pictures of my food to show the entire world what I’m eating or post every second of my life for everyone to read about.

My life is about getting things done efficiently and on the first try. I cannot depend on apps for this or apps for that. I need tools that come out of the box for my most important needs. Ever since the launching of the z10 I had my doubts about a full touch phone and new OS but after a couple of updated leaks I was a happy camper. As for ATT…all I can say to them is “Muérdeme”. Now that I have used the z30, well there’s nothing that I can’t say about it. It basically does everything the z10 can do and then some. This is the most awesome phone ever and now I can carry out more than ever and this is where the problem comes into play. Having a true smart phone that can surpass the rest literally with one hand tied behind my back takes it to the next level. Any problem that arises can be resolved with just a simple “flick” of the thumb and I have gotten to a point that I often wonder “What work can’t I accomplish with this device and why is it that everyone is always able to get a hold of me now?”

As for my “all hell breaks loose” days well that’s when sometimes I wish I had an iPhone or Android…At least that way I could have an excuse.


  • Red Squircle Samurai

    What is wrong with channels showing lunch pictures taken with a BlackBerry? :evil: :cry: Meanie :???: