SomeApp Breaks Out on to BlackBerry Beta Zone

In an effort to make things right to the BlackBerry community that has supported him, Nemory is releasing a new app, titled SomeApp in to the BlackBerry Beta zone.

WTF_ =))

The new Snap2Chat Beta Program app is all the goodness of the previous paid version of Snap2Chat, now available for free to all BetaZone users. How’s that for developer support?

I went to click to grab a download to show support for Nemory and the server was currently down. Perhaps I wasn’t the only one withthe same thoughts?

Update: Servers are back up and running, and there is a personal message from Nemory. Thanks for stepping to the plate Nemory.



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  • jrohland

    Great solution by the rev. Everyone needs to appreciate how the BlackBerry family takes care of one another.

    • jrohland

      I meant dev. Stupid Windows spell checker.

  • shanerredflag

    Nice :)

  • Very cool Nemory!

    Here’s a question: doesn’t SnapChat benefit from a bigger userbase regardless of the client being used?

  • Blackjack

    He shouldn’t be sorry snap chat should for not providing an app then jumping on someone who does.