Solutions Review Places John Chen Among Top 5 Coolest CEOs

We know John Chen is a cool CEO, now others do as well.

The website Solutions Review has compiled a list of their choice of the top 5 coolest mobility management CEOs.  Well BlackBerry CEO John Chen’s place on the list is pretty oblivious, at least for me.

Since Chen took his place as CEO at BlackBerry, the media who’s only wrote who’s soul purpose it seemed was to report negatively on BlackBerry have much less to report about. In fact, most are now finding that the reality of BlackBerry is a much more positive story. The headlines are friendlier. That is Chen’s work.

Solution Reviews chose the CEOs based on company growth trajectory, and the CEO’s impact on that company. With those factors, and Chen’s history with BlackBerry, there is no denying his top spot on the list.

From the post;

John Chen is the Executive Chairman and CEO of Blackberry. He defines the company’s vision and goals, sets its strategy, and ensures the team’s execution matches corporate objectives. Chen has been with the company since November of 2013 and led Blackberry through pivoting from hardware icon to software leader. Prior to joining Blackberry, Chen had 30 years of engineering and management experience. He also successfully served as Chairman and CEO of Sybase Inc. for 15 years by re-inventing the company and leading it through 55 consecutive profitable quarters. Additionally, from 2012-2018, Chen served on the Board of the National Committee on U.S. China Relations.

Sharing the top 5 list you will find the CEO’s of Microsoft, CA Technologies, Symantec and Sophos.

John Chen

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