Solo: A Star Wars Story, New TV Spot

There’s a new trailer showing up on television, that shows us a little more Solo and friends.

Solo doesn’t really fit the character. I mean, I understand the point. A space pirate, that goes solo is just cool. Except that he never went solo. Even before teaming up with the Scooby gang of Luke, Leia, C3PO and R2-D2, he was still palling around with his hairy buddy Chewbacca. Well, I always thought, the name must have fit the character before the movies. Before we saw him. But it seems that is not the case either. In the latest installment of the franchise, Solo: A Star Wars Story, we see Han’s first Scooby gang.

In this new trailer, we get to see a little more of the new Han, played by Alden Ehrenreich who seems to be missing all the swagger of the Han we love. We get to see more of Lando, played by Donald Glover who seems to be even cooler than Billy Dee Williams. Who would have thought that was possible? More of Emilia Clarke. There’s never enough Emilia Clarke. And even more of Woody Harrelson. There’s already too much of Woody Harrelson.

There’s not much new in this new trailer, but if you’re like me, and live with a life-size Yoda doll, then you’ll be happy with any new footage of a Star Wars movie.

What do you think of the casting for younger classic characters in Solo: A Star Wars Story?

Solo: A Star Wars Story


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