Solar Box Charging Points Trialled In London

solar box

In an interesting approach to the UK’s now pretty much dead (yet famous) red phone boxes, a group of post-graduates have put them so seemingly good use.

They have installed solar panels on the top of the old structures and phone users can pop into the boxes for a quick top up whenever required as the BBC reported:

Interestingly the solar energy is stored in a battery so phones can be topped up morning, noon or night with 6 sites across London converted so far in a test case.

Personally I can see this being of great use on, say, an evening out or if you’ve forgotten to charge your phone overnight although I would actually question whether BlackBerrians would get anywhere near one when you witness the speed iPhone users dash to the nearest charging point whenever they alight from public transport.

What do you think?

Would this be of any use where you live?

Or would you see a queue of iPhonians outside it looking as desperate as if it were the loo?


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