Social Media Enables Apple Fail

We already know all about the Apple text message bug that is crashing iPhones. Both Web and Biggly wrote about it here, here, and here. Of course we’ve never been one to talk too much about something.

But here’s news! As Apple is surely trying to fix it, or at least figure out how to call this a feature instead of a bug, social media is fixing it for them.

We have discovered that both Twitter and Facebook are now blocking the message. Of course we tried it several times, to other BlackBerry users, as we’re in no danger of the message frying our phones. Each time the message was blocked. You can still Tweet it, but when trying to direct message, it fails. On Facebook you’re given a warning screen and told to remove the ‘link’.

Facebook protects Apple users from the Apple bug

So as the Apple team fiddles with their thumbs — works tirelessly to fix this iDiotic issue, both Twitter and Facebook have fixed it for users on their end. At this rate, perhaps carriers will block through text messaging and ISP’s will block e-mails? All before Apple fixes it? And if that happens, then like most issues, Apple will never fix it.

Thank you Twitter and Facebook for protecting your users when Apple is not capable of doing so. We can assume if this was occurring to BlackBerry or even Windows Phone users, you’d do the same right?

Yeah. Right.



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  • Reverend Grim

    Yeah right!
    I wish I had control over Facebook and Co… I’d send the message out to all Facebook users (not that I use Facebook)
    Let’s face it, it won’t get fixed, not properly, as soon as there is a patch it will contain something else that will balls up iOSh8.

  • Atmari

    Lol yeah right, would never happen.

  • Poita316

    It does have a typical Apple feel to it though… It’s not their fault, it’s the users fault so they don’t have to fix a thing. Kinda like antenna gate, or the screen smudge on the mac books.

  • Robert

    The users are receiving the message wrong. That’s why it crashes. :D

  • Anthony

    I guess this time people don’t mind Facebook manipulating what users see and receive. locco_smiley_39