So who’s ready for Android N?



If you’re like me you are just getting used to the Marshmallow variant of Android- and boy is this sweet (pun intentional). While I use the Leap as my daily driver, the PRIV is always within reach just to mix things up a bit. Although the PRIV is the world’s most secure and feature rich android, it does not have some of the inherent goodness that resides within BB10. Lack of Blend, a true Hub, some gestures, and notifications are the main items, but this is not about comparisons, it’s about looking forward.

Marshmallow was a major step forward in the development of Android and thankfully early reports from the Google I/O Conference are giving us some hints about the ‘N’ variant scheduled to come out late this summer. It appears that Google is committed to introducing major enhancements to their OS. Maybe that’s why I remain so loyal to BB10 and welcome Android – they both seem dedicated to furthering the platform and not rolling out or borrowing some minor change and trying to tell consumers it’s the next big ‘must have’ feature. So enough of my prattling on – let’s get started!
Google will be adding new Application Program Interfaces (APIs) as we get closer to the release date, so this is just an early draft of the features being added-

System upgrades will occur silently in the background and will be applied after a reboot. No more pressing System Updates and waiting for the Update Available message!

There will be a ‘Toast-style’ notification that will pop up when a new message appears which you can answer directly. In addition, the Notification area will be more efficient by bundling notifications

Multi-windows are now a reality. With a split-screen you will be able to run #2 apps concurrently side-by-side!

Doze on the Go will allow you to save battery life when the phone is at rest, but moving (like in your car, purse, or pocket)

Google Assistant will allow you to interact in a more organic/conversational style

Data Saver will allow the user to toggle off background data usage and instructs apps to use less data whenever possible

If a new app needs access to a certain folder that’s all it will ask for. a huge improvement over granting access to everything then going into permissions a turning off unnecessary access.

That’s it for now, but Watch This Space as updates will occur periodically!








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  • newcollector

    Nice article. Is it just me, or does it seem that some of these anticipated features of N are what we ready enjoy in BB10. Android is being absorbed into the BB10 Collective!!

    • razrrob

      It appears that android is becoming more like iOS and they both wannabe BB10

  • razrrob

    Anthony, we’re waiting for your comment locco_smiley_39

  • Anthony

    Android users are one OS upgrade closer to being Borg. locco_smiley_30

    • Nayalm

      And there is no guessing needed to who are the DOMINIONS
      *cough* crapple *cough*