So It’s Pointless To Bring Apps To BlackBerry Users eh? Dead Wrong!

BlackBerry users don’t consume apps the way other phone platforms do.

There’s not enough of a market to bring our apps to BlackBerry.

BlackBerry is too insignificant to bring our apps over.

We keep hearing it time and time again. From the CEO of Netflix, to the lowest of trolls stalking forums and article comments.

And guess what? That’s horse sh… er… poop.

Ever hear of a little app called Snap? Just a minor thing. Pretty insignificant really. All it does is give BlackBerry users FULL ACCESS TO THE GOOGLE PLAY STORE! Yep. That’s right. With this little app sideloaded on our BlackBerries, we can download anything our Android phone using neighbor can.

A major app for those that like apps.

And this isn’t even the only way we can get and use Android apps. There are several android app stores that we can download to our phones. We can even send apk.’s back and forth among users via BBM. But shhh… don’t tell android users. Let them think that they are the only ones with these apps. Let them be comfortable.

Nah… shout it out! Loud and clear! Not only do we have the most secure, and user friendly phones, and the newest OS out there, making iOS look like a grumpy old man now, we also have access to the apps!

Why is this important right now? Well, because the creators of Snap, just recently tweeted this….


Now, as I said before, this is only one of the methods we can use to download apk’s. There are still many people out there that are afraid to plug their phone in to their computer, and *gasp* sideload! So, how many apps do we really think have been downloaded by BlackBerry users?

An exact number? I don’t think we will ever know. But I bet it’s somewhere between a lot , and a whole bunch!

So, Mr. Netflix CEO, when will you bring Netflix to BBW? And don’t give us anymore made up excuses.

And I hate to repeat myself…. but to that person that shall remain nameless that said BlackBerry has no apps?

Suck it Geller!



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