So… Apparently a Few Feathers Have Been Ruffled…



In our quest of being a “true fan site”  we have been seeing several road blocks by another so called “fan site” in the community.  Where here we welcome everyone with open arms, its seeming to not go both ways.  We are committed to bringing news and updates as they come into play… No matter WHERE from, yet when someone else mentions our site in this other site… we are blocked, deleted or modded completely out.  In our views, the community is that, a community.  We started here for similar reasons of being censored, “trolled”, told to give up on our beloved Blackberry devices and even (as it has been called jokingly) “rick rolled” over and over again.

We have even welcomed mods and other higher ups into our forums for discussions without question.  Yes, there have been a few times we have had to “edit” due to our stand on keeping away from the negativity and staying positive about our beloved platform but that is it.  We have even allowed direct links to other sites for the credit where it is due if we or a posted have used them for a source.  That again is what this is all about is it not?? The community helping the community?  At least that is what we believe and what they TELL us and others what they believe also… it is becoming apparent though that this is not the case.  Today case in point, a couple threads in another site had reference to UTB in a forum thread and quickly the whole thread becomes deleted, yet other sites still get to have their sites mentioned and even links.  Also, no it was not one of ‘us” posting to gain anything, it was common users between our site and theirs.

Sorry for the little rant, but it is becoming quite old, the childish games that is.  As many who read this know me, I am a peace keeper and try to diffuse situations as they become apparent but this is one I for one cannot sit on the sidelines and ignore.  I am reaching out to the community as a whole with this for some support.  Not looking for an uprising, just looking for fairness and equality amongst our own peers.  If you agree with me, and I think I may speak for most of the staff here at UTB also, have a voice with us.  Don’t stand for all the negative news with one little blip of something positive to make it all seem alright to post all the negative.  We as a community need to stand strong for support of the Blackberry platform, whether it be BB10 or legacy devices, it is all the same battle in our opinion.  Keep the positive outlook and try and show all the nay sayers how they are wrong, Blackberry is NOT dead, we do NOT need to switch platforms, handhelds are STILL coming, and our community as a WHOLE is just that, a community and family.  Look at how our community has gotten together in the Thunderclap that has been set up for instance.  That is what it is all about everyone.  Lets treat each other as such, brothers, sisters and friends all in the same battle.  No need to step on each other to gain another foot ahead to sell your deal of the day Blackberry accessories.

keep calm and BB10 on my friends

Miles @mopar_fxr

  • wkrgr

    Thank you for this Mopar! We ought to make a list of all the fan sites and strike out all the bad ones, at the end of the day maybe only UTB will be left standing.

    • Bigglybobblyboo


  • nnik

    They are afraid, very afraid. When fear takes over the rational thinking is gone. People like this site for its honesty and simplicity. That ship has sailed for the others when they went cross platform.

  • shanerredflag

    Yeah…not really understanding the mind set…BlackBerry Fans should and must stick together to pill this ship around.

    So anyway…now for something completely different :

    • Bigglybobblyboo

      Very good Shanreedflag! locco_smiley_35

    • bungaboy

      Must have been a Samdung phone.

    • Shanerredflag! =))

    • twstd.reality

      LMAO “what, you don’t want it now?”

    • mopar_fxr

      my reaction to an iPhone just in general HAHAHAHA

  • Nice Mopar.

    Their motivations simply aren’t as pure as ours. They’re not “fan” sites, they’re money making clicks-for-ad-revenue portals. They could be causing controversy and arguing to generate clicks on any sort of subject, it just so happens to be BB and mobile devices.

    Comparing us to them is like comparing the United Way to Wall Street.

  • G-bone

    “UTB – the Little Blog that Could! ”
    Kudos to Brad for the lovely update.
    Don’t know why “they” would feel threatened – could be retaliation for some of the criticism of “them”.
    Oh, well. People see those threads before they are deleted. Gives this site a little cachet, the whiff of The Outlaw.


    • Brad

      Brad didn’t update it.

      Brandon did.

      Brad’s a lazy jerk-face.

      • Spade

        I agree…

  • ray689

    Hahaha thanks for the deal of the day Miles.

    • Spade

      2 please

  • RedFoxOne

    Ah.. remember when Jubei Raziel got interviewed by a certain site (forgot the name), and the brave K posted a comment there with a link to his site/response as a response? The comment didn’t show up right away (not sure the reason why), and the patient K quickly assume it got censored or deleted and said that it’s a shame that it got censored. Shame indeed..

    • RedFoxOne

      Lol sorry for the little bit of confusion there. Extra typo “response as a response”. You got what I mean. Also want to add that I’m not intending to talk about that drama, only pointing out that “shame it got censored” comment. Hypocrisy much?

    • bungaboy

      Yes, I remember that quite well. It was round the same time the they shat on the site supporters with the Umi should be fired fiasco thread.

  • Judy

    Excellent article and absolutely true! Keep up the great work! UTB is a positive site and I truly love it! Cheers! :D

  • Poita316

    Pieces like this is why I started following you and why I love you honnest, weird, unbiased SOB’S!

    • mopar_fxr

      And fans like you who appreciate it are why we keep this going! Thank you!

  • mopar_fxr

    Thank you all for the support, it is great to see the support from our community

  • twstd.reality

    This site’s awesome keep up the good work!

  • Anthony

    Are you guys talking about CrackBerry? Too chicken to say it?

    I’ve noticed comments where people believe CrackBerry is the only BlackBerry fan site. This is the illusion they’re likely trying to protect. They don’t want users to know there are other better sites.

    CrackBerry is a lousy BlackBerry fan site. locco_smiley_27

    • mopar_fxr

      No, not too chicken to name… hence putting links in, but it is on the other hand more than just them. Although I will admit some sites are worse than others and agree with points in your comment… but will take the high road and not name names for the worst ;)

  • Blackjack

    I don’t know about the welcoming EVERYONE with open arms bit.

    Nobody should be welcomed who comes here purely and obviously to crap on BlackBerry, it’s users and fans, or UTB and it’s members.

    That should be tolerated for a few nanoseconds.