Snapchat Adds a Favorite BBM Feature

The application based on disappearing messages, can now make messages disappear.

It’s very easy to forget about how innovative BBM is, until you see new features being announced on other platforms. Especially when these new features, are features which you’ve been enjoying for years. The latest announcement is just one of those things. Snapchat is now introducing the ability to unsend a message. Retraction for you BBM folks out there.

This latest addition to the app makes it possible for users to unsend messages, photos, etc. as long as the message is unread. The receiver will instead receive a notice that the message has been deleted. In this case, it works much like WhatsApp’s version in that the message has to be unread in order to be deleted, although it doesn’t seem that there is a time limit like on Snapchat. Personally, I enjoy the fact that we can still retract messages after they have been seen in BBM. After all, there are times that I have sent a message that I want that person to read, but don’t necessarily want hanging out in the chat. And there are times I simply don’t think about timed messages, another feature that is available on BBM, before I send one of those messages.

It’s nice that the application built around disappearing messages finally gets this ability to make messages disappear. Good for them. It’s a useful feature. I know because I’ve used it for years now on BBM.

Source: Gizmodo


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