Snap2Chat *Updated* – Brings Headless Support


After all the waiting things seem to be happening fast for dev Nemory and Snap2Chat.

The popular SnapChat client first landed with us just a few days ago with many remarking on how polished it was, just that it was a pain to have to leave the app on to get notifications.

Well, wait no more as in record time the app is now headless meaning that you’ll get notifications whenever that pic arrives plus other added features such as the ability to upload JPEG’s.

For those not familiar with Snap2Chat/SnapChat the app allows you to literally converse with others in the form of pictures (think of it as a sort of picture Twitter) with one extra twist, the pic can be set to self-destruct within a specified time limit leaving no trace of it anywhere at all.

I shall, therefore, leave it to your imagination as to some of the possible uses for such an application and why such a feature may be so insanely popular..!

Snap2Chat is still available on sale for 99c/75p or try before you buy with Snap2Chat Lite, the price is such a snip I’ve put the bought version in the link below:

Download/Update Snap2Chat In BlackBerry World


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