Snap2Chat soon to appear in BlackBerry World

IMG_20140224_233005After a lengthy discussion with the amazing developer of Snap2Chat, it has been revealed to us that the native Snapchat client will be submitted for approval to BlackBerry World this month. We also have word that it has been approved for headless application status and in currently waiting on approval for Hub integration. In the mean time while you wait, you can sideload the latest beta bar file 0.9.4 here.

CHANGES in 0.9.4

Fixed – Redownloading an already opened snap

Fixed – Previewing Sent Snap

Fixed – Friend Request Reappearing after confirmed Fixed – labeling in friends list Fixed – Vertical Line in the right when playing video

Fixed & Improved – Profiles and Shoutbox is back

Added – Pure Dark ListView Option in Settings

Added – 2 More snaps in active frame for the Z30 Added – Lock Image Position Option for editing

Added – View profile of a user from Feeds

Added – Version Update Checker (Only checks once per app opened)

New – Beautiful Main Screen (Felipe/Apollo’s Beautiful Snap2Chat Video Animation)

New – title bar font (same as with splash screen font) New – View who viewed and who screenshotted your story Improved – Captured Video snaps no longer copies to device storage

Improved – About Screen (Replaced the About Photo to Video Splash Screen)

Improved – Cancel Sending Snaps Improved – Shows Splash Screen Active Frame when not logged in Extended Expiration to March 10 (Don’t worry, it will be submitted to BlackBerry World not later than February )