Snap2Chat Snapped By SnapChat – What Next?


On the 14th August BlackBerry received a legal notice from lawyers acting on behalf of SnapChat claiming that Snap2Chat were in violation of IP and that the app should be removed from BlackBerry World with immediate effect.

It would appear this was complied with as the app is no longer listed.

This has left the developer, Nemory, in a bit of a quandry as it would appear, at first glance, that SnapChat are actually angling for something else – namely that the app disappears altogether although, at this stage, this is not entirely certain.

We’ve reached out to the dev and he is desperately trying to comply, although he doesn’t really know what he is supposed to do at this point.

He’s also quite scared, as you would imagine.

Either way, let’s just take a step back here and look at what is going on. We are unaware of any such notices against 3rd party SnapChat clients on Windows Phone, for example. There may be some that were sent out on Thursday too, for all we know.

Why pick on the BlackBerry version?

What are they so scared of?

The truth is that if it wasn’t for the ridiculous intransigence of the likes of SnapChat, Instagram and Vine then our excellent independent devs wouldn’t have had to step in.

Remember how excited everyone was when these apps were developed? Just how many of us were happy to donate just a tiny amount of pounds or dollars each to assist the whole community? How many of us (and loads of us at UTB, for sure) downloaded the apps to show support even if we have never used these apps previously or have no need for them?

And why did we do this? Because the likes of SnapChat made it clear they were quite happy to deny BlackBerry 10 users the use of their service.

There is quite obviously a demand for these apps. At the worst, why didn’t they just port their Android versions over?

There’s legal shenanigans all over the place with this one and, whilst I understand that SnapChat have to protect their IP, they can make all this go away tomorrow.

And simply submit the official SnapChat to BlackBerry World.

In the meantime I take my hat off to the independent third party devs and all in the BlackBerry community who have supported them and shown this ‘denial of service for BlackBerry 10’ policy to be as ridiculous as it so obviously is.

Ladies and gentlemen, here at UTB, we salute you all.

As soon as we know more on this subject (and it is solid fact, NOT unsubstantiated rumour), we’ll let you know.


Bigglybobblyboo is a legend almost nowhere at all. He is a founder member of UTB and spends his spare time taking out his anger at the world with a fishfork and a spatula. He is also a Cribbage Master, having won 1 fight online as the other guy refused to turn up out of fear for his life.

  • veeru789

    Bunch of A holes. Worst part is these stupid cos with CEO/promters with brain size of a peanut get bought for billions. Microsoft (Skype) has an app for BlackBerry, BlackBerry (BBM/MDM) has an app for windows and all other platforms. Why? Coz discriminating is giving others access to your customers. Plain simple logic.

    • ray689

      The problem is Veeru….logic and common sense seems to escape many in this world, including those CEO types.

  • Badi Yee

    I think UTB has a better picture of what’s going on, unlike other sites more than happy to vilify the developer.

    I remember the story of this snap2chat, its early days and its push.

    And suddenly the blogs make a u turn and now denouncing when its convenient and the dev is only but an expendable commodity for their click-bait-whore-ism. Shame on the sites!

    But let’s not be clouded to the bigger issue, that is the big names are bullying BlackBerry users.

    • nemoryoliver

      Thanks a lot man!!

  • emstardeluxe

    How hard would it be for snapchat to put a ported app in BlackBerry World? Seriously, it’s ridiculous.

  • Badi Yee

    and just before I forgot, i’m a fan of this dev, and I like the fact that the article is much more tactful.

    I’m sure the dev will work on the issues!

  • Brad

    Fact of the matter is Nemory has shown that the demand is there. Let this be the trigger that these companies need to realize that we are here. Like the Netflix CEO’s statement last year that BlackBerry users don’t consume content. Utter ignorance. Looks like one company has woken up. Now what will they do to rectify the situation and get their app on BlackBerry? If you ask me, they should be making Nemory a job offer.

    • nemoryoliver

      The demand is really there bro…. Snap2Chat getss like 6000 downloads per day. like 5000 new users per day

      • Canuckvoip

        That is excellent!

  • Tommy C

    Nem is a friend of mine and I know how hard he worked on Snap2Chat and the trouble he went through to get it in BlackBerry World to begin with. I use Snap2Chat regularly, and to be honest, the official SnapChat app for Android and iOS is mediocre in comparison. The fact that Snap2Chat has been successful seems to be the issue more than anything. SnapChat didn’t offer BlackBerry 10 an app of any kind because they didn’t see value in our OS and brand. Looks like it’s more of a threat than they thought!

  • Undbiter65

    SnapChat will be hearing from me via Twitter! >=O

  • Thanks for the update Biggs. I had never considered that those bigg web portals were not writing apps for BBWorld and that the independent devs were actually doing BB users a service.

    I have some questions: 1) can the dev change the name somehow while otherwise leaving the app as is, and be in compliance? 2) what about iGrann? Could the same thing happen to that dev from Instagram?

    Looking forward to your comments. Thanks guys.

    • nemoryoliver

      I can change and rebrand. But don’t think they will still allow it. I just decided to put the app in beta zone available to all. and be shutting down the Lite in BBW

      • Brad

        Good call Nemory.

      • Thanks bro. And good luck! locco_smiley_10

  • ray689

    Fact of the matter is, people pushed hard and jumped on the band wagon and now some are doing a 180. It’s shows their true colors and their real intent (click bait). They talk about a supportive community yet don’t put it into practice. Nemory gave us something we all wanted and did it better than the original.

  • razrrob

    In my opinion the driving force behind this is the ‘Management’ at SnapChat has been made to look like total fools. They said no to BlackBerry cos we’re inconsequential, but Nemory has not only created a better app he’s been embraced by many in the community.

    There are many apps I’ve supported over the past 2 yrs just to help out our hard working Dev Community. No matter how this plays out I will continue to support native whenever possible.

  • Mecca EL

    Snapchat isn’t remotely interested in porting their app to our ecosystem. And those that actually purchased should look at their contributions as a donation. Circumventing aside, Nemory put some serious work into his apps. Not like those filler apps that have been flooding BlackBerry World.

  • nnik

    it would seem that a lot of these apps are developed by haters of BlackBerry 10, for some ridiculous, unknown reason they feel threatened. It seems as well that there’s some kind of pissing contest between dev. of different platforms…. not all of them of course, a good dev. can work on any platform. So do what you need to do for youself…and BlackBerry of course

  • BB Racer !!

    BlackBerry users are willing to pay a premium for an app…heck I paid $2.99 for BlackGram to get Instagram and the BlackGram App never worked but now we have iGrann and I can download Instagram from my SNAP Store and I can have two Instagram platforms ! Netflix CEO said BlackBerry is a business phone well that quote is history…BlackBerry users I know use Netflix all the time… there is something real fishy going on here and it does not smell right. I heard all the excuses eg. Stock Twits App said not enough BlackBerry users well I countered by saying many BlackBerry users use Stock Twits and we would pay for the free app….whats Snap Chat waiting for ? Seems like Apple, Google et al and their cash want BlackBerry out !!!

  • Blackjack

    What’s next? I dunno emailing, mms ing, or BBM IN the photos? It isn’t that hard….

    Nobody cares about your stupid photos anyway…

    Why people can’t buy a phone without snap chat escapes me

    • Canuckvoip

      I don’t use it either, but so many do and it would be a shame to deny those users IMHO.

    • BJ. I hear you, but after thinking about Biggs’ points, I think it’s important for any BB fan to support the devs as best they can. I’m not saying we all have to buy apps we won’t use, but these devs are important to BB. The reason was brought to my attention by Brad, and that is that the #1 complaint people have about BB or the #1 reason they don’t buy a BB device is lack of apps or weak ecosystem. Any BB fan should appreciate this and how important the devs are that are writing for our platform.

  • ray689

    It’s not a matter of liking it or not. It’s a matter of support for BlackBerry. If you support BlackBerry then you want the app there. We are all here because we were sick of one thing and that’s the trolls. What do the trolls use as their number one argument against BlackBerry? So whether you like the app or not, having it in BlackBerry World is crucial.

    • Brad

      Agreed. Most apps I care very little for, and will probably never use. But I buy most of these third party apps to support. Because regardless of if I use them or not, there are people that will not buy a phone if it’s not there.

  • razrrob

    With continued development of native apps and access to Amazon App Store the troll argument will eventually go away (too bad the trolls won’t).

  • BB Racer !!

    I am a BLAQ user and supporter as my Twitter platform ! But why ? Because I use my Twitter App in my HUB and pre-loaded Twitter App but why I also use BLAQ ? Well because I love the colored layout, @search, and love the BlackBerry support ! But Why ? Because I am a BlackBerry user !!!

  • jrohland

    I don’t use CrapChat and have no dog in this hunt. However, there are a number of ways to deal with this. I am not giving legal advice and no one should do anything suggested here without legal advice.

    1) If CrapChat wants to block “unofficial” clients, they can write in a certificate requirement. If the app does not have the proper certificate, the server won’t permit access. I assume they allow 3rd party apps because they want to, or they are not competent to stop them.

    2) The Snap2Chat app dev can comply with SnapChat legal complaint, if he can figure out what those are.

    3) The dev can give the app away as an open source test version which needs to be a side-load. That sucks at several levels but, he can keep the app out.

    4) The dev can charge for access to his app distribution Webpage and include a “test version” of S2C as one of the choices. It would still require side-loading.

  • Mecca EL

    The “I don’t use it, so I don’t care” argument is old. There are many things in a convenience store that I’m not interested in, but I can at the very least appreciate the fact that a popular item is available for someone else to use. I don’t use snapchat, but if my teen girls are posting bewb shots, I’ll know.

  • nemoryoliver

    Thank you to all. Especially to everybody who helped a lot shape up the app and help it be put to the store!! Thanks to all your comments guys! I’ll still be here supporting the BB10 Platform. I’ll be bringing in more apps as many and as good as I can.

    • Canuckvoip

      Thanks Nemory! Keep up the good work, it is very much appreciated!