Smartphone PSA

Who wants to be hacked? Line up here!

I wanted to commend Canuckvoip for the excellent post entitled “Dear Mainstream Media… Where the Hell Are You?!!???!!?” Where he ponders why the mainstream media have yet to report on the epidemic of iPhone hacks and Apples lackadaisical response.

It’s time for all iPhone users everywhere to look at themselves in the mirror (no selfies) and honestly ask how many more hacks am I willing to tolerate?

Both the CEO Gregg Steinhafez and CIO Beth Jacob of Target had the clarity to step down after their hack last year setting the tone for Executives everywhere that the buck stops there.

While an iPhone may be trendy or say something cool about the owner, let’s take a look at some trendy iPhone news that’s hit the press recently-

Sep 2013 – Feb 2014 man-in-the-middle-hack takes advantage of SSL

March 2014 iTunes password hack

May 2014 Doulci hack allows lost/stolen iPhone to unlock

NOW! Ransom (iCloud?) hack hack goes worldwide

I’m well aware this is a BlackBerry fan site and truly feel for anyone who’s been hacked. However, if your flat screen TV had this many problems you’d return it. If your car had this many problems, the ‘Lemon Law’ would cover you, but after all this I would hope iPhone users cared enough about their SECURITY to switch over.  But in lieu of that (or Tim Cook resigning), why not demand answers from the folks in Cupertino or start a Class Action lawsuit because if you continue to sit there and do nothing next month or the following month, it may be your phone and private information that gets hacked.


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  • nnik

    Money talks and at the moment Apple has it, why do you think there’s such trouble with the economy

    • razrrob

      So nnik, what do you think the tipping point will be, i.e. what will have to happen for this to get picked up by the mainstream media?

  • Hey razrrob. I get what you’re saying. It’s hard to believe people don’t care about their privacy. I think there are a few things going on: 1) Many don’t know about these hacks due to lack of reporting, 2) They figure it won’t happen to them and the whole situation seems far away, 3) Privacy is not as “sexy” or not as big a motivator of behavior as say, the ability to play some game online with friends or to videoteleconference with their family.

    I think this issue is not going anywhere unless/until crApple makes some major improvements to the OS. So, my take is, give this some time and the issue will continue to fester until it finally bubbles up to the surface for the mainstream user.

    • razrrob

      Hi James, I agree most of the mentality is ‘it will never happen to me’, but with the sophistication and proliferation of the hacks I fear that day may be coming more sooner than later.

  • G-bone

    When apple wants their users opinion, they’ll give it to them…


    • razrrob

      So nnik, what do you think the tipping point will be, i.e. what will have to happen for this to get picked up by the mainstream media?

    • razrrob

      G-bone, reminds me of the old saying, ‘The beatings will continue until morale improves’ except in this case replace the word beatings with hackings

    • MePiikan LzBolaz

      Oh so true. locco_smiley_44

  • Canuckvoip

    Thanks razrrob. Again I’ll admit to being a little raged when I posted that. I think you may have shared my sentiment in a more “all encompassing” way.
    I’ll not apologize for what I said, but I welcome your addition and well stated view on the subject.
    The genpop is being manipulated, like it or not.

    • razrrob

      Hey Dave, your article inspired me to look at things from a different perspective – you focused on the media while I attempted to focus on the consumer. I’m a picky consumer, whether I spend $5 on an item or $25,000 I expect it to perform and be defect free, if not, I’ll be back at the store in a heartbeat. I don’t expect perfection but I demand satisfaction.

  • Raider113

    Can we add the siri hack and fingerprint hack and I believe there are a couple of more I can’t recall at the moment. But great job. Wondering if iPhone users are starting to feel a little embarrassed and just keeping quite.

    • Canuckvoip

      Or how about Dropoutjeep? Have they fixed that yet?

      Go to 44:45 on the video…

      • razrrob

        Hey Dave,

        Looks like I forgot more hacks than I included! Check out Twitter, I’ve just taken this to the next level.

    • razrrob

      Hey Raider113,

      Good catch on the other hacks, but personally if I had spent $600 – $800 on a phone my pride would take a back seat to functionality, but that’s just me….