Smartphone PSA

Who wants to be hacked? Line up here!

I wanted to commend Canuckvoip for the excellent post entitled “Dear Mainstream Media… Where the Hell Are You?!!???!!?” Where he ponders why the mainstream media have yet to report on the epidemic of iPhone hacks and Apples lackadaisical response.

It’s time for all iPhone users everywhere to look at themselves in the mirror (no selfies) and honestly ask how many more hacks am I willing to tolerate?

Both the CEO Gregg Steinhafez and CIO Beth Jacob of Target had the clarity to step down after their hack last year setting the tone for Executives everywhere that the buck stops there.

While an iPhone may be trendy or say something cool about the owner, let’s take a look at some trendy iPhone news that’s hit the press recently-

Sep 2013 – Feb 2014 man-in-the-middle-hack takes advantage of SSL

March 2014 iTunes password hack

May 2014 Doulci hack allows lost/stolen iPhone to unlock

NOW! Ransom (iCloud?) hack hack goes worldwide

I’m well aware this is a BlackBerry fan site and truly feel for anyone who’s been hacked. However, if your flat screen TV had this many problems you’d return it. If your car had this many problems, the ‘Lemon Law’ would cover you, but after all this I would hope iPhone users cared enough about their SECURITY to switch over.  But in lieu of that (or Tim Cook resigning), why not demand answers from the folks in Cupertino or start a Class Action lawsuit because if you continue to sit there and do nothing next month or the following month, it may be your phone and private information that gets hacked.


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