Smart Tag Time


Every BB10 BlackBerry phone I have owned since my Z10, came with an app called Smart Tags. Of course I opened it and did my usual discovery. Then I closed and ignored it. While digging through a junk drawer I discovered the NFC tags I bought from Amazon to do some testing in the Smart Tags app. Given all the BB10 updates I have installed since that first look at Smart Tags, I realized it must have been improved. And sure enough, it has been. Since I’m guessing most people did what I did, I think it is time to show the lowly little Smart Tags app some respect. See the video below and after that, I’ll tell you more about NFC and why it needs love too.

You watched the video and now you are an expert on the use of the Smart Tags app and NFC tags. Awesome, please share your great ideas with all of us. NFC of course does much more than those few things I showed in the video. Below is a slide showing things people and companies do with NFC.



What is NFC and how does it work? Near Field Communications is a radio based network for transferring small amounts of data between devices in very close proximity to each other. My friend and I use it at parties to exchange the pictures we have taken on our phones by bumping the backs of our BlackBerrys together. As I said in the video, I use it to open apps and change notifications. These things can be easily done without NFC but as BlackBerry users, we are all about efficiency. That is what NFC brings.

You don’t need to use the Smart Tags app to use NFC. Most things which can be shared on your phone have NFC as an option on the Share selection list. If you long press a picture, for example, you can share it to another phone via NFC. You can’t write a picture or store a song on an NFC tag. That would not make sense. However, you can open a Web page in the browser, tap the charms menu, select Share, select NFC and tap your phone on a tag. That will write the URL on the tag. I recommend you get a few tags and discover what works and what doesn’t. Most of all, show Smart Tags a little love people.


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