Siri let’s you in to a locked iPhone


iPhone is insecure. We all know it. It’s not even a secret anymore. We simply don’t say it in public often enough, because we don’t wish to anger the heard.  But it’s time we do. The general public, the general consumer, needs to understand that the iPhone is placing their private information at risk on a daily basis. How many security holes have been found since the beginning of iOS 7? How many flaws  have been discovered just to shuffled under the rug.

The greatest myth in the tech world right now is that the iPhone is a fine device. It is not. As we discover these flaws in iOS, we need to share them, show them to our friends that chose iPhone, because media tends to ignore these issues, and our friends tend to not hear these issues, or recognize these as things to worry about, we can be sure that someone is paying attention. Those that will steal phones, steal passwords, steal identities, are surely watching.

In this video posted by Sherif Hashim we see yet another way to bypass iPhone security. In this case, our friend Siri opens the door for trespassers.  Let us know what you think and why security is important to you in the forums.


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