The Sims are Coming to Mobile, The Right Way

Admit it, you played The Sims. And you liked it!

Let me get this out of the way right off the bat. I played the PC game, The Sims. And I loved it! It was an amazing game. We had near total control. We could build homes. We could add and subtract from it. And we had little characters running around doing frustrating things and requiring way too much care. For someone that can’t remember a “special move” to save my life, or at least save the life of a virtual character in a fighting game, this game was fun. It was amazingly fun. And I admit, I wasn’t very good at the game either. Let’s just say a lot of these little people died while under my care. Which means of course, I had many ghosts running through my plot of land.

I remember some time ago, I found a Sims game on mobile. It wasn’t anything like The Sims. I guess it looked like it. But the game play just wasn’t like The Sims. It wasn’t fun.

Now It looks like Electronic Arts is finally doing it the right way. They have released a game trailer The Sims Mobile, that appears to be a fairly direct port of the old game that I loved so much. EA has not stated when the game will be released, or any information about pricing, other than to say it is coming soon. Personally, I can’t wait to play The Sims again, and to play it on my BlackBerry for the first time. Will you be playing?


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