Sick Of Being Tracked On The Web? Try Ghostery!

I’ve been doing a bit of thinking about privacy lately. One of the areas of concern for me has been that of being tracked while browsing. After doing a bit of research I discovered the Ghostery browser for BlackDroid.

You know how you might be browsing around, looking at that cool new guitar, or awesome headphones, quadcopters, or whatever? Then you go to another site you might frequent, but lo and behold there are ads for the same or similar stuff you were looking at earlier? Well Ghostery gives you the opportunity to control what tracks you, and what ads you see. Let’s take a look.

Ghostery has a clean interface and runs quickly and smoothly in my testing. There are quite a few options available for the user. You can choose from a list of search engines (I chose Duck Duck Go), block cookies, clear history and more.

You can even deny Ghostery from gathering info on your sessions that would otherwise be used by them to further their knowledge on how you use the browser itself. As you can see, I’ve denied that and blocked “everything” Ghostery can find. But you can get even more granular than this.


I decided to test this browser on a site well known for tracking and ads. Ghostery found no less than 22 trackers and ad bots! Not that I read that site much at all, but when I did I found the site to be extremely sluggish. Without all those scripts running and all the trackers killed the site runs fine now! You’ll notice that the “Disqus” toggle is on. I did that because you can’t comment on a Disqus site (like UTBblogs) without it. You can also “whitelist” an entire site.

So far I’ve been impressed with the speed and agility of this browser. The lack of tracking my every move gives me peace of mind as well. After reading about them here, I think I’ll stick with it for a while.

And by the way, there are Ghostery plugins/extensions for most all desktop browsers as well.

What do you think? Are you sick of being tracked? Do you care about privacy on the internet?

Let us know in the comments!



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