Shrink Links with iShrink for BlackBerry 10


So we all know that sending tweets on Twitter has the same character limitation as a text message. Given that Twitter and text messages have been around for awhile that is unlikely to change anytime soon. The problem I run into a lot is that sharing a link from a source practically fills out an entire tweet or text message (BBM messages offer much more room). There is an app that I use regularly which brings an invaluable service to the table whenever I need to condense a source link : iShrink for BlackBerry 10.

In a sea of apps upon apps, it can be cumbersome to find one that suits your needs without spending some money, so let me begin by stating that iShrink is FREE (although the developer DOES accept donations in-app through the settings menu). The first thing you’ll notice about iShrink (once installed on your device and opened) is that it has a native and very simple interface (and includes an Active Frame logo image!) . A complex program is not required to shrink a link, and the developer has taken extra steps to make sure the process is a breeze for anyone. You get to choose from a list of servers from a drop down menu (I’m assuming whichever looks most appealing to you), and then it is installed as your default “shrinker”. The rest is fairly straightforward: copy a link from a source, paste it into the URL space, and tap the Create Link icon at the bottom of the window. A menu will then pop up with three options (icons): copy link, open link, and share link. From there, the choice is yours.

iShrink is unparalleled in form and function and further extends your efficiency and productivity on BlackBerry 10. The developer has an outstanding level of communication (I have spoken to him personally a few times) and offers an open forum for suggestions to improve iShrink from email to BBM. At the unbeatable price tag it carries, you really have nothing to lose – except character count!

Tommy C

IT graduate and BlackBerry user for eight years and counting. Committed to promoting and raising brand awareness of BlackBerry because it's just plain awesome!