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Our BlackBerry phones have always been our tools. The BlackBerry is known for productivity, for efficiency, for the best mobile email and peerless communication. There was a time when we BlackBerry users gave up certain things for that productivity, efficiency, email and communication. We gave up fun things, or carried two devices, because what BlackBerry offered us could not be found on other devices, and we just could not do without it.

Those times have changed. And they haven’t changed in a way that those who choose other platforms would have you think.

One would think that Apple and Google would have brought productivity, efficiency, decent email and proper communications to iOS and Android. But they didn’t. Luckily, BlackBerry brought those fun things we were missing to their users with BlackBerry 10, with a great browser, the ability to run both native and android apps, and awesome, innovative devices. And once BlackBerry was done providing BlackBerry users with the first complete smartphone experience, they decided to work on Android, bringing, you guessed it, productivity, efficiency, proper email, and the best communication tools seen on an Android.

One of those things we have seen a drastic and dramatic improvement in, is the BlackBerry camera. The camera on the Priv is simply amazing, and the recent BlackBerry Camera app update brought new manual features which many are using to get some great pics. For me, the camera on my phone has always been a tool, which of course, is in line with how I’ve always used my BlackBerry. I’ll snap pictures of things as reminders. I’ll take several pictures a day, just as reminders. I also used to carry a camera with me. A small pocketable point and shoot digital camera, which could spend days untouched in my car, however if I was going somewhere that I might wish to take a photo that I wanted to keep, that camera would go directly in my pocket. Road trips, vacations, even parties, one of the many digital cameras I went through over the years went with me. Somewhere along the line I stopped carrying a digital camera. Somewhere along the line, I realized that my BlackBerry could take perfectly decent photos, and my later devices, I discovered I could take even better pictures with my BlackBerry than the little point and shoot cameras.

Not surprisingly, the phone’s camera has become a major selling point of smartphones. Sadly, I’m not that great of a photographer. I can grab a good snapshot every now and then, but not something that would grab other’s interest. Not like I’ve seen other BlackBerry users take. And I think users of other manufacturers need to see just how great our cameras are.

Not too long ago, Apple did a certain “Shot on iPhone” campaign as a way to brag about how great the iPhone camera was. Unfortunately it wasn’t good enough for Tim Cook to be able to take a picture in focus. I’m betting he’s not the only one that can’t take a decent picture with an iPhone. Let’s show them what we can do with a BlackBerry. Let’s take to social media with the slightly appropriated hashtag, #ShotOnBlackBerry. Twitter, Instagram, whatever it is you use, post your favorite photos taken with any BlackBerry device, using the hashtag #ShotOnBlackBerry, and in a week or two, we shall choose some of our favorites and post them here. Heck, we may even award a sticker set or two.

A beautiful photo taken by Trev and shared in UTB Forums. It’s also what I use as my background on my PRIV


We also have a thread in UTB Forums where some have shared some of their photos, you can share here as well


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