Shocker! Android More Stable Than iOS.

“It just works” was something that is commonly said about the iOS products. It’s time to stop.

For far too long, we have heard “it just works” from iPhone users. It’s time that argument gets forgotten. We’ve already watched such issues as “Bendgate”, “The Fappening”, and now “Touch Disease”. We’ve watched as iPhone users have received iOS update after update that has broke their phones. We hear how iPhones are blowing up at an alarmingly consistent rate. Yet those who are forever tied to the Apple ecosystem continue to state that the iPhone is just so smooth. It’s so fast. It works.

Guess what. It doesn’t.

As if all the aforementioned issues isn’t enough, Apple phones crash. They crash a lot. They crash more than Android.

Blancco Technology Group have released a study titled “State of Mobile Device Performance and Health” that revealed something I’m sure most iOS users will have a hard time believing. iOS is now less stable than Android.

The study found that in Q2 of 2016 iOS devices more than doubled their failure rate from Q1, and nearly doubled Android’s failure rate. iOS came in with a 58% failure rate vs their previous score of 25%. During the same quarters, Android improved their score to 35% vs their prior score of 44%.

Blamed for this vast increase in failure rate, Blancco blames Wi-Fi connectivity issues, general performance issues, and of course apps. Yes, apps. The very apps that have made the iPhone so popular, are now being blamed for iOS’s performance anxiety.

No, “it just works” isn’t quite so truthful anymore. Perhaps it should be changed to “it just barely works”?




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  • Anthony

    Who cares about the “Blanco Technology Group” study.

    If you’re going to keep us up-to-date on the iPhone one of you guys or gals on this site needs to actually use a current iPhone and comment from experience. locco_smiley_5


      But that means that someone here would have to actually buy one of the ugly pieces of junk and none of these guys are that stupid.

      • Anthony

        If you can’t walk-the-walk don’t talk-the-talk locco_smiley_2

        • Brad

          We’re reporting sourced news. I don’t need to use an iPhone to do that. In fact, it would probably make it harder to do.

          That being said, there are UTB Bloggers that use more than one platform, and even those of us that currently only use devices that say BlackBerry on them, have used these other platforms in the past. I have personally used many Apple devices and Samsung devices.

          Realistically, I have not used an Apple product in around 4 years now, and I understand much has changed. Although I’m surrounded by iPhones here. If there’s something I can see with my own eyes that I’ve heard about, without destroying a device, I can and do usually ask a co-worker or friend to let me see it on their device. Not to mention, I spend entirely too much time in Best Buy playing with devices. lol.

          But I don’t think we need to own one to report news. And when I speak of opinion, I’m honest about my usage.

          • Anthony

            No, locco_smiley_7, based on how often iPhone news is reported here and talked about in the blogcast you should use a current iPhone to get the real-deal perspective. :p