Shhhhh… It’s Easy To Get Out Of iMessage Now! (OR, Pigs Fly Over Cupertino!)


Wait, what?

Ever so quietly, Apple has done something I NEVER thought they would do. No, not a SD slot or file system. It’s even weirder!

Apple has long been the type of company that once you enter into their ecosystem, they will try/do anything to keep you in there. You know, like if you want to stream video or music to another device, it HAS to be another Apple device. Or how Apple pay is proprietary as are their connectors for charging etc. There’s a reason that rooting an iPhone is called a “Jailbreak”.


So when I saw an article on the Verge (of all places) I was surprised to say the least.

It is well known that it is Hell to try and get out of iMessge if you wish to leave an Apple device and pick up a BlackBerry (or other device). Spending 30 to 60 minutes on the phone is not uncommon, and often requires multiple calls to get something so simple done. The problem is that once your phone number is registered to iMessage, that is the default and SMS becomes secondary. Secondary to the point that messages may no longer be received unless iMessage servers release your phone number. I know somebody that ended up just getting a new phone number because it was easier than arguing with Apple! That is bad!


Well, now you can do it yourself! BTW… am I the only one that first thought the web link started with Oops.

Yessiree… Step right up folks and set yourself free! Grab that new BlackBerry Passport and log in to this here site and unchain yourself from the gang. One of the most obnoxious things about the ecosystem is yours to give the fickle finger of fate to! Why wait?

Do it now.

Come back to Black.

You know you want it.


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