She-Ra Trailer Released

Full trailer now available for Season 1 reboot of She-Ra.

More and more 80s themed shows are returning for the youngest generations to discover. With the success of the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic franchise, it’s no wonder that executives will try to capitalize on that momentum. She-Ra is a timely, relevant addition to the Netflix original content stream. The Princess of Power is a tour-de-force for young girls that want to be strong and independent.

The new trailer shows the apropos origin story of She-Ra, the near Shakespearean conflict of battling a former bestie, and a collective of super-powered princesses that could rival any DC or Marvel blockbuster. Plus, she has her own winged unicorn…

She-Ra was, originally, just a female counterpart to the more popular He-Man. The Masters of the Universe needed the balance. This new show seems to offer the nostalgia of the 80s with the modern twist on the wit, character development, and storytelling that discriminating viewers have come to expect.

While it made be difficult to think that a relative “bit player” on the 80s scene could be rebooted to viral level popularity, the trailer offers a peek at show’s direction. It’s possible that this Princess of Power will honor Greyskull with her viewership.

Check it out…

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power will be available on Netflix on November 16.

Erica Davis

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