Shark Tsunami Hits Detroit

Shark Tsunami – A Sign of Fishy Global Climate Change?

We have our finger on the pulse of changing weather patterns with our “The Sky is Falling Weather Reports.” Today the Good Doctor is deep into the weather report as he’s skydiving into a tsunami. That’s right a tsunami. But there seems to be something fishy about this tsunami. It’s full of sharks and it’s heading for the city of Detroit! As odd as that sounds it could be a sign of unusual things to come as our weather gets stranger and stranger? Stayed tuned to This Just In News for your latest weather forecast!

New Format To The News

Those who have been watching our news grow and grow, you have noticed the quality of the videos have improved over the last couple years. Now we’ve added Sports and Weather to our broadcasts to give you a more rounded newscast. This Just In News will be the only news you will ever need!

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